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Related article: since means for detection are ample and convenient and such detection is specifically called for. There is, moreover, Aldactone Tablets good reason to believe that in most of the cases such dealers have had a guilty knowledge of the facts. The presence of henbane in stramonium and stramonium in henbane represents fraud on the Purchase Aldactone part of the collectors. By dealers too careiess to properly examine the drug carefully, this fraud might easily be overlooked. During the past year, shipments of winter savory and of Origanum onites have both been offered as " thyme." They have the same odor and flavor, and probably the same composition and properties as thyme, but the sub- stitution is improper and is easily enough detected by one who is inter- ested. The last named plant has aslo been imported as marjoram. Several different species of Marrubivm are imported as horehound. Dealers sometimes overlook the fact that tansy is defined as Order Aldactone Online the leaves and tops, and offer the whole of the plant, entire or chopped up, an article that should be used only for distillation. The year has seen an importation of Japanese aconite under the name " aconite." Mylabris has once been imported as Cantharis. All that was necessary Digitized by Google CRUDE AND POWDERED DRUGS AT THE PORT OF NEW YORK. 79 1 WIS to re-label the article, in order to secure its admission. This indicates the Cheap Aldactone necessity of watching for this article in powdered cantharides. The quality of mylabris is probably rather superior to that of cantharis and its use should probably be authorized. In spite of repeated exposures, the worthless Buy Aldactone brown Strophantnus hispidus continues to arrive as '' strophanthus." Its use in preparations is not nearly so general as a year ago, yet the fact that it can be bought in any quantity in all of our drug markets, shows clearly that many lives are continually jeopardized, and more or less of them doubtless lost, through this wicked fraud. In the same class belongs the use of the spurious jaborandi, here ex- hibited. Aldactone Order Persistent exposure has caused this article to nearly disappear, but it Purchase Aldactone Online is still obtainable. This particular lot was not only labelled ''Jabor- andi," but Aldactone Price underneath was the botanical name '' Piper jaborandi/' which was an additional act of misbranding, since the leaf is really a species of Pilocarpus. It seems incredible that anyone should mistake the large woody rhizome, of unknown botanical orij^in, here submitted, for arnica root, but so it was offered at the Port of New York. It is very likely an Inula or a Doronicum. The three lists Order Aldactone already given include ail the cases of spurious importa- tions for which an excuse can possibly be found, notwithstanding that most of them represent fraud at some point in their progress. The following long list includes only acts which must be classed as intentionally fraudulent, not. only at the point of origin but on the part of all handlers upon this side of the water. To' this statement concerning " all handlers '' an exception must be made in regard to the powdered drugs, which will be separately considered. If ignorance or error could possibly be claimed in any one of these cases, such a claim must be regarded merely as a pleading of the baby act. Three shipments of the well-known worthless maracaibo bark have been imported as *' cinchona,'' which is equivalent to calling them calisaya. Aldactone Cost Two shipments of the worthless buds of Populus moniiifera have come in as balm of gilead buds. Nearly all the shipments of belladonna root of the past year have con - tained poke root, in amounts ranging from 15 per cent, to 42 percent. Many of them have also contained scopola, and several other and worth- less roots have also been found. So general has been this adulteration of belladonna root that at one time nothing else could be Buy Aldactone Online found in our market, and there was Generic Aldactone danger that the manufacture of preparations of bella- donna root would have to cease. Aldactone Online The unprecedented action was then taken by the Aldactone 50 Mg Treasury Department of permitting the poke root to be picked out from one large shipment and the belladonna to be utilized. This happy occurrence should never be lost sight of by American importers, since in my opinion it indicates Aldactone Mg a very desirable line of action for a number of forms of adulteration. Digitized by VjOOQIC 792 MINUTES OF THE SECTION ON SaENTIFIC PAPERS. Dried scammony roots have long been used in Europe for the extraction of their resin, notwithstanding that this resin is required to be collecteti from the living root. Recently the additional step has been taken by manufacturers of importing a Mexican ipomoea root to be used for this purpose. Three shipments of this root have been received at New York, one labeled "jalap," the others "scammony root." We have had a number of lots of benzoin in which chopped bark occurred in very large percentage, this and the sand present probably representing 40 to 50 per cent, of the entire weight. It is unfortunate that the Pharmacopoeia does not fix a limit of impurity for this very im- portant Buy Cheap Aldactone and expensive article. One lot of benzoin was entirely spurious, being an artificial mixture. Other artificial mixtures are commonly imported as balsam of Peru and occasionally as styrax. Adulterated saiTron has been on the steady decrease, yet many such shipments have been offered. A much more disgusting thing has been two shipments of calendula, heavily coated with mineral matter and colored to imitate saffron. The offerings of lycopodium have been, on the whole, surprisingly good, though one lot was heavily adulterated with potato starch, and two Aldactone 25 Mg lots with pine pollen. Kamala adulterated with sand and with ground bark and sand, has been rather common. More unexpected was a lot containing a large quantity Aldactone Buy